High-quality machines for a high-quality result.

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Production facilities

Our current premises are located close to the centre of Siilinjärvi along main traffic routes.


Our production facilities comprise an assembly and maintenance hall, surface treatment facilities, a machining shop, and sheet metal processing and flame cutting points. Our assembly and maintenance hall can handle the assembly of even large products.


Production facilities:

  • Steel warehouse (300m2, lifting capacity 10tn/6.5m)
  • Flame-cutting hall (240m2, lifting capacity 5tn/6m)
  • Machine shop (750m2, lifting capacity 5tn + 10tn/6m)
  • Welding shop 1 (750m2, lifting capacity 10tn + 10tn/8m)
  • Welding shop 2 (450m2, lifting capacity 10tn + 10tn/6.5m)
  • Stainless steel/acid-resistant steel welding shop (350m2, lifting capacity 10tn/6.5m)
  • Steel grit blasting chamber (6x16m, lifting capacity 5tn + 5tn/4.5m)
  • Painting/drying chamber (6mx48m, lifting capacity 5tn+5tn/4.5m)
  • Assembly facilities (900m2, lifting capacity 20tn+10tn+10tn/8,5m)
  • Largest door approx. 7m x 9m

High-quality machines for a high-quality result

Our modern machinery makes it possible to provide a fast and high-quality service to meet the customer’s wishes.


We have carried out numerous special projects for our customers. Read the stories about project implementation below.

Our machinery

  • TOS WHN13.8 CNC-controlled horizontall milling and boring machine, X=3500, Y=2500, Z=1250, max.12tn
  • TOS horizontal milling and boring machine, X=1600, Z=1250, Y=1120
  • Centre lathe 1880/9000, 950/5000, 600/1500
  • NC lathe 400/1200
  • Universal milling machine
  • Radial drilling machine MK5 and MK6
  • Drill sharpener
  • Sheet cutter 12 x 4200mm
  • Edging press 200tn x 3000mm



  • CNC-controlled edging press 300tn x 4200mm
  • Hydraulic NC sheet roller 16 x 3000mm
  • Amob 80/3 hydraulic bending machine
  • Geka Hydracrop universal cutter
  • Roller table – and rollers
  • Band saws max. Ø 400mm
  • MIG/MAG welding devices with long cables (Snake)
  • TIG and Arc welding devices
  • Steel grit blasting equipment



  • High-pressure paint sprayers
  • Hydraulic press 250tn and 150tn
  • Industrial washing chamber IM200
  • Induction bearing heaters SKF and FAG
  • Hydraulic jacks and extractors
  • Easy laser alignment device
  • Clen hot-water/steam pressure washer
  • Test run bench for rotating devices
  • FARO Focus 3D X 130 laser scanning device

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