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We are skilled in welding demanding structures and various materials.

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Welding for demanding structures

Our welding services include repair welding, axle fill welding, and welding sheet metal with components.


Our welders are qualified, and we have been awarded an EN-ISO 3834-2:2021 quality certificate by DEKRA Industrial Oy in recognition that our welding quality system meets comprehensive requirements.


Examples of materials we weld include special-strength steels, wear-resistant steels, structural steels, stainless and acid-resistant steels (Duplex, 904 and Sanicro), corrosion-resistant steels, coated steels, and aluminium.


We use MIG/MAG, TIG and metal arc welding methods.


Lead burning


Lead burning is a more challenging technique than normal welding. It differs from normal welding in particular due to its low melting point.


Lead burning is gas welding in which lead is melted using small gas tubes. The method is typically only used at sulphuric acid plants, where containers and pipes are lined with a protective layer of lead.


We carried out lining repairs on wet electrostatic precipitators and pipes for Yara Suomi. Read about how we used lead burning to improve the wear resistance of the bottom cone of the wet electrostatic precipitator!


Lead welding is an old technique, but one of the few that can withstand sulphuric acid. Other methods that are resistant to sulphuric acid are more expensive to carry out.


Hard facing

Hard facing is applied to parts that are subject to heavy abrasive wear. For example, in the mining industry, hard facing is used to protect products that convey ore.


Products welded using conventional materials have to be serviced and replaced often if they are subjected to heavy wear. When the production and installation of a new product can be avoided, the customer saves both costs and time.


Hard facing can also be applied to heavy-wear areas in products that were originally welded using conventional materials. The application of hard facing can be done on the spot or at our machine shop if the product can be easily detached.


We have applied hard facing in the manufacture and repair of various kinds of mining process equipment. The method is widely applied to heavy-wear products used in the forest industry as well.

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