Laser scanning

Laser scanning saves time and costs.

Case example

We offer laser scanning as part of our design services


Laser scanning allows us to see the current state of structures without the need for old drawings.


We use laser scanning in the design and modernisation of steel structures, container lids, work platforms, access routes, pipelines, conveyor and material feed systems and various production structures and devices. Laser scanning can also be used to locate faults, check the straightness of conveyor tracks and any height deviations, as well as to plan the replacement of pumps and gears.


Designing in old spaces with laser scanning


One of our core skills is problem-solving, such as using laser scanning to redesign old, cramped spaces.


A point-cloud model created using laser scanning measurement data means we can easily find surfaces to attach new steel structures, or see what kind of maintenance platform would fit within existing structures. The method allows us to measure sites unreachable by humans. We use a FARO Focus 3D x 130 laser scanning device in our measurements.


We have made use of laser scanning data to design piping for the mining industry, for example. We made new pipes, containers and pumps for a space around 300 square metres. We used measurement results from laser scanning to dimension the space.

What is laser scanning?


Laser scanning is a method that is used to create a 3D image of existing structures.


The device scans the distance from its own position to its surroundings. The measurements are then used to model a point cloud model which shows the forms of the measured site. Laser scanning is so precise that in practice even such small elements as bolts can be seen in the point cloud produced from the measurements.

The benefits of laser scanning:

  • Provides an accurate 3D image of the environment
  • Observation of obstructions, such as cable trays and support bars
  • The possibility to collect lots of data quickly
  • All measurements are obtained at once
  • Challenging sites can be measured successfully
  • Enables the predesign of elements and devices


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