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We specialise in turnkey device deliveries.

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Simetek provides its customers with turnkey deliveries of industrial devices

Simetek is an industrial custom and subcontracting machine shop and a maintenance partnership company.


We deliver devices and other machine shop products on a turnkey principle: we measure, design, manufacture, and install. We also provide life-cycle services, such as maintenance and the manufacture of spare parts, and carry out prototype design and manufacturing and product development. We also carry out smaller jobs to a high level of quality and on an agreed schedule.


We have delivered a number of different units for the process industry, such as material transfer devices, containers, work platforms and walkways. Our other typical customers include the mining and wood processing industry, heat and energy plants, machine and device manufacturers, and construction companies and private enterprises.


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Maintenance engineers

What our customers say about us:

We wanted to improve safety in the train car unloading area. We hoped that the new device would be quick and easy to install, and that it would be reliable. Simetek succeeded well in achieving our goals.

– Riiko Ahonen, maintenance manager
Kraton Chemical Oy


Simetek handled the mechanical engineering of the largest conveyor at our production facility excellently. We were pleased with the technical solution they offered. It was a plus that they have a machine shop and design department all under the same roof. That makes service more cost-efficient and transparent towards the customer. We always know what’s going on and where we are.

– Anssi Pietarinen, maintenance manager

Simetek received lots of positive feedback on its safety activities both from Mondi’s line organisation and from external safety supervisors. Simetek had prepared well for the turnaround maintenance, and the required safety documents were in order. Simetek’s foremen actively participated in improving safety during the turnaround maintenance, such as with cleanliness rounds.

– Safety award body


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