Our flexible and individual services guarantee that our customers’ production process runs smoothly.


We provide comprehensive service

The products we can deliver include e.g. work platforms, containers, load-bearing steel structures, power units, material transportation systems, and smaller devices.


We specialise in turnkey device deliveries. Typically, our customer work begins with a visit to the customer to measure the space, then we design the power unit for the space in accordance with the customer’s wishes. After the plan is approved, we carry out a strength analysis and then manufacture and install the device. We also offer device maintenance and manufacture spare parts. We carry out prototype design and manufacturing and product development as well. Read more about our design services.


Design and laser scanning

We offer product design and manufacturing services all under the same roof, and cooperation between our units is seamless.


We are able to implement mechanical design for a wide range of needs: from small products to large entities. If a customer requires a new machine for an old space, we carry out measurements using laser scanning. Our FARO Focus 3D X 130 laser scanning device creates a digital model of the space. Based on the model, we are able to create a 3D model and to design the machine in the space.


Take a closer look:


Machine shop services


Machine shop products from a few grams to dozens of tons.


We deliver a range of machine shop products from small, individual pieces to large and massive steel structures. We also manufacture demanding production devices.


We manufacture products into working machine sets in accordance with plans. We also deliver steel structures, machines, and devices, and repair process devices.


Our machine shop services include:


Installation and maintenance


Our installation and maintenance services are available throughout Finland. Our installation and maintenance services focus on the mining, chemical, wood processing, cellulose and energy industries all over Finland. We also offer services for smaller enterprises.


We carry out stoppage maintenance, piping and pumping installations, laser alignment, the detachment and installation of gears, urgent repairs, conveyor repairs and crusher repairs. We carry out stoppage maintenance to ensure an uninterrupted workflow for the customer, whether the customer is a factory, power plant or process industry company.


In addition to the services of an individual engineer or servicer, we also offer our foreman services as a fixed part of a commission.

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