Simetek’s design department collaborates closely with the machine shop.

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Design department operates under the same roof as the machine shop

Close cooperation between the two departments improves the manufacturability of products and therefore generates cost savings for customers.


Manufacturability plays a key role in the design of large production cells and equipment. Simetek’s design department carefully considers how to manufacture a product and, if necessary, pictures for every work phase can be given to production phase workers, such as machinists, welders, and painters.


We produce a FEM strength analysis for the products we design using the Solid Works 3D CAD program.


Design also considers product lifecycles


The main focus of mechanical design at Simetek currently is on conveyors and various production cells and equipment, but smaller implementations are also possible, if necessary.


We begin projects with preliminary design, when we examine the customer’s individual needs. Careful design makes it easier to manufacture and install products.


We also offer our customers layout design along with budget quotes, so that it’s easier to calculate funding for a large investment.


Examples of the products and systems we design

  • Pressure equipment devices and piping (PED)
  • Dimensioning and modernisation of gear units (SEW)
  • Conveyors and other material transportation devices
  • Containers
  • Load-bearing steel structures
  • Power units
  • Work platforms
  • Work walkways

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