Our products range from turnkey deliveries to individual products.

We design, manufacture, and install products to meet your needs

We deliver conveyors, steel structures, piping, silos and containers, plus products made from armour and wear and abrasion-resistant steels to several industry sectors.


We specialise in turnkey device deliveries. We also offer device maintenance and we manufacture spare parts. We also carry out prototype design and manufacturing and product development. Read more about our design services.



We design and manufacture conveyors for a range of different purposes.


Conveyors are suitable for moving, feeding, portioning, mixing, crushing, or dispersing different kinds of materials. Our range includes belt conveyors, pulley drums and tail drums, drag-chain conveyors, screw conveyors, and elevator conveyors. 


Steel structures

Our steel structures have been awarded the right to use the CE marking. We manufacture work  platforms, hall frames, and steel frames from steel.


Our steel structure design work takes advantage of laser scanning when structures are designed to be used among existing structures, if the drawings for a plant building are missing, or if alterations have been made at a later date.


Industrial piping

We deliver industrial piping to meet your needs.


Silos and containers

We have helped countless customers to design and implement material storage, such as silos and containers, along with conveyors leading to the storage facilities.


We can also reinforce silo and container structures with abrasion-resistant sheeting and with lead and hard facing welding.


Armour and wear and abrasion-resistant steel

We use armour and wear and abrasion-resistant steel for sites that undergo extreme wear.


Examples of such sites are mixers, containers, and discharge funnels.

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