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We deliver various solutions for material storage.

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Material storage

We have helped countless customers to design and implement material storage, such as silos and containers, along with conveyors leading to the storage facilities.



Screw conveyors that separate and mix are used to separate and mix e.g. peat and various food ingredients.


The parts of the screw conveyor that mix can comprise screw blades or e.g. paddles that intersect inwards and mix the material to be conveyed. If the material to be handled causes mechanical wear, the blades of the screw can be improved by using wear and abrasion-resistant steel, armour steel, or a coating.


Mixing paddles were used in e.g. a paste mixer we delivered to Agnico Eagle.



Silo and container components, and improving wear-resistance


We also deliver components for silos and containers, such as lids, cone-bottoms, and discharge screws. 


We can also reinforce silo and container structures with abrasion-resistant sheeting and with lead and hard facing welding.


We laser scanned a day silo at Agnico Eagle Finland Oy’s refinery. We used the scanning data to make an alteration map for replacing abrasion-resistant sheeting. We will continue to monitor the wear of the silo using ongoing laser scanning measurements.

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