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We developed an automatic cable reel


SimeReel always keeps cable tension optimal

Our SimeReel automatic cable reel can operate independently of automation systems. The device is controlled using the torque adjustment of the variable-frequency drive. In addition, the motor includes a pulse sensor that adjusts the torque according to the direction of winding, tightening the cable accordingly. SimeReel is an excellent choice for the power cables of the wood industry’s transfer cars, for example.

Other suitable applications:

– Cranes, including bridge and gantry cranes

– Carriages and transfer cars

– Grabs and magnets

– Sewage treatment plants

– Theatre stage rigging

We developed the SimeReel in collaboration with SEW-Eurodrive Oy, a global provider of power transmission solutions. SimeReel is made in Finland, and spare parts are available for nearly all components. The drum, gear motor, and variable-frequency drive are all replaceable – the device can be repaired instead of a full replacement.

SimeReel can be bolted onto rail cars. The device only requires a 400 VAC power connection. The DRC synchronous gear motor adjusts the cable winding automatically. The length of the cable and the device’s speed and operating temperature range can be customised according to the customer’s wishes.

What is unique about SimeReel is that the device never allows excess slack or tension.

Pasi Knuuttila

Simetek Works Oy