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Simetekin konepaja Sanni Tikkanen.

Introducing our experts: surface treatment worker Sanni Tikkanen


Simetek’s paint shop deals with a variety of work


Surface treatment worker Sanni Tikkanen officially began work at Simetek in autumn 2018, but before that she had become familiar with the company by working as agency staff for a year. Her job description includes the pre-treatment, surface treatment, and patching of materials.

Tikkanen enjoys seeing the results of her work and checking to see whether the finish is even. Work is enjoyable as it is so varied.

When Tikkanen joined Simetek, she immediately worked on an interesting project to paint an overpass bridge for Kuopio University Hospital. Another surface treatment project that she found interesting due to its size was painting a mobile crusher.

“A mobile crusher is a crushing station built on the trailer of a truck. That was a challenge!”

Tikkanen has overcome challenging projects by considering the project thoroughly with her colleague before beginning work.

It’s nice to work at Simetek

Tikkanen is a trained vehicle painter, but she hasn’t done a day’s work painting vehicles. Her training has been an advantage in her current job, however. She previously worked with surface treatment and finishing at the Finnish Steel Painting Oy’s Peltosalmi branch.

Tikkanen enjoys her job at Simetek because her work varies. She would find it boring to do the same tasks day in and day out. “My colleagues are friendly and I get along well with them,” says Tikkanen.

In her free time, Tikkanen enjoys hunting and shooting, and spending time with her dogs. She lives in Maaninka with her partner.