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Industrial installation and maintenance work requires solid experience


Simetek provides a full range of industrial installation and maintenance work; sites can include sawmills, pulp mills, chemical and energy plants, and mines. Our engineers and maintenance personnel have a wealth of experience that can help even in unexpected situations.

Different industries have their own special characteristics that must be considered in installation and maintenance work. For example, chemical plants typically use stainless steel in sites that are exposed to heavy corrosion. Such plants may also use hazardous substances, which must be accounted for in occupational safety.

“Engineers and maintenance personnel are selected for jobs based on their experience. For example, the engineers who install the transmission for pumps are usually people who can also align and adjust the pumps after installation. This means that we can also take care of commissioning the device at the same time,” explains Simetek’s project manager Ville Kinnunen.

In turnkey deliveries, engineers also contribute to design

For Kinnunen, the most enjoyable installations are products that are designed in-house. This means that engineers can give their input on the installation during the design phase. Turnkey deliveries are enjoyable in that the entire project is handled by a single actor and there is plenty to do for all areas of the machine shop.

“More extensive, turnkey deliveries that are made in-house from start to finish, are some of the clearest to install. A good example of a complete project that we managed from start to finish is the wagon towing device that we delivered to Kraton.”

In addition to its own projects, Simetek also installs equipment, piping, and steel structures for which customers have ready components. Projects like these begin with an assessment at the customer’s premises. The assessment is used to determine a schedule and to select engineers with the most suitable experience.

Installation work always considers the customer’s wishes and permitted standards and regulations.

Surprises during stoppage maintenance require a rapid response

Simetek carries out maintenance work to the same extent as installation work, but often on much tighter schedules. A customer may have noticed that a device is faulty and must be repaired as quickly as possible in order to keep production stoppages brief.

“One good example of this is transmission repair work, which may require maintenance on a very tight schedule. Transmission maintenance is made easier by the fact that the transmission can be disassembled, checked, and maintained in the machine shop, in clean conditions,” says Kinnunen.

Stoppage maintenance is typically known well in advance. It is possible to prepare for it ahead of time by reserving spare parts and supplies that may be needed at the site.

“Before stoppage maintenance, we take pictures of the site and plan maintenance work in advance together with the customer. It is however typical to find something during an annual stoppage that requires action at short notice,” sums up Kinnunen.

Stoppage maintenance refers to one- to two-week periods of maintenance during which work is carried out around the clock, including at weekends. Between 20–100 people from Simetek and subcontractors may work on the jobs. Stoppage maintenance work can include all kinds of maintenance and installation work, starting with oil changes.

According to Kinnunen, Simetek has received positive feedback on successful installations and maintenance. We’ve successfully managed even difficult jobs, and we have seen everything through to the end.

“We fulfil our customers wishes even in unexpected situations.”

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