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Simetekin konepaja Ville Kinnunen.

Introduction with Simetek’s experts: Ville Kinnunen, Project Manager


“At Simetek, challenges are resolved jointly” 

Ville Kinnunen, Project Manager at Simetek, is responsible for supervising projects and installation activities. Kinnunen gathered experience in installation work in his previous job at Yara Suomi Oy from which he moved to Simetek in early 2017.

Kinnunen’s job description involves versatile tasks from the supervision of installation to general project management. In addition, he is responsible for the procurement of raw and other materials as well as general scheduling and organising of duties. In addition, Kinnunen supports the design team as much as he can.

“I don’t participate in drawing blueprints, but if I come up with ideas concerning the implementation of plans, I can help and possibly offer alternative solutions.”

Kinnunen’s special responsibilities also include the supervision of session work. The projects he has enjoyed the most at Simetek include larger commissions in which he participated right from the start. He considers the opportunity to do new things the most interesting aspect of his job.

Kinnunen states that it is difficult to choose the single most challenging project, but in general, sudden changes to plans or timeframes may cause difficulties, especially if they require immediate action on the spot. At Simetek, any problems faced are solved jointly.

“For example, if the problem relates to hardware, that is, if a certain component doesn’t fit, we take a look at the issue with the design team to figure out what went wrong and how the situation can be resolved. Then a fitting component is manufactured at the machine shop, and the installation team fits it to its place. Challenges are resolved through cooperation,” states Kinnunen.

In his free time, Kinnunen engages in outdoor activities with his family and dog and spends time at his summer cabin. His family consists of his wife, two children and a Bernese mountain dog.