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Managing director Roivainen also works in the machine shop if required

Simetek Works’ managing director Timo Roivainen has spent all of his holidays at work at Simetek since he was 15 years old. Later on, he took over responsibility for the company. Like his sister, Satu Räsänen, Timo Roivainen was involved in the construction of the machine shop hall building, but then worked a number of Read more

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Introducing our experts: Ari Hakkarainen, driver and warehouse keeper

“I continually develop the in-house logistics to make things smoother” Driver and warehouse keeper Hakkarainen made the transition from baker to metal industry worker, and now makes sure that work runs smoothly at Simetek. Hakkarainen came to Simetek in 2008 after becoming ill with occupational asthma in his work as a baker. He first worked Read more

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Introducing our experts: sheet metal worker Hannu Petjala

“At Simetek, almost all commissions are almost unique” Hunting and fishing enthusiast Hannu Petjala has worked as a sheet metal worker at Simetek for 18 years. The old hand is happy to help younger workers if he notices that they have problems completing a job. Petjala likes that at Simetek he can begin each commission Read more

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Introducing our experts: Jouni Leskinen, engineer

Simetek has developed a lot over the years. Jouni Leskinen has worked at Simetek for twenty years, and has seen the company go through different phases while working in a couple of different roles. Leskinen is a qualified sheet metal worker and at Simetek he works in maintenance and installation. He is responsible for lead Read more

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Introducing our experts: surface treatment worker Sanni Tikkanen

Simetek’s paint shop deals with a variety of work   Surface treatment worker Sanni Tikkanen officially began work at Simetek in autumn 2018, but before that she had become familiar with the company by working as agency staff for a year. Her job description includes the pre-treatment, surface treatment, and patching of materials. Tikkanen enjoys Read more

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Introducing our experts: Satu Räsänen, finance and HR

Swapping a career as a nurse for finance and HR at a family-owned company.   Satu Räsänen worked as a nurse for ten years until her father Kari Roivainen, who founded Simetek, and her brother Timo Roivainen, who now leads the company, encouraged Räsänen to handle the family-owned company’s office admin and payroll. She left Read more

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Introducing our experts: Aki Karvonen, production manager

Aki Karvonen likes his work to provide challenges and the opportunity to develop   Aki Karvonen has been responsible for Simetek’s machine shop production for three years. He also carries out quotes and sales work, and takes care of projects. “I’m also responsible for coordinating welding. In practice, that means that I keep an eye on Read more

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Introducing our experts: Henri Takkunen, machinist

Machinist Henri Takkunen’s main responsibility is the use of the CNC-controlled milling and boring machine. He enjoys the challenge of working with large objects.   Henri Takkunen has ironclad experience with machining. He machines objects of all sizes that require manual or CNC-controlled machining. Takkunen mainly works with the CNC-controlled milling and boring machine, but sometimes Read more

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